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Complete logistical independence so you can focus on growing the things that make your business special.


Our software automatically finds the lowest cost shipping method, guaranteed!

  •  Fast & Accurate: No more typing
  •  Instantly ships the best method, across all major carriers. No more toggling between shipping apps
  •  Seamlessly integrates into your existing shopping cart platform with our easy to install API
  •  Real time, full visibility to all of your orders and shipments
The VALUE of VALGISTICS Cloud Shipping

Save a ton on carrier shipping costs

  • By using REAL-TIME TRUE-COST, most companies will save on average between 50 cents to 1 dollar per package.
  • VALGISTICS CLOUD SHIPPING, automatically makes the best economical decision to ship for the lowest cost with on-time delivery.

Reduce labor costs

  • Ship a package in as little as one barcode scan.
  • Cut the time it takes to ship.
  • Slash the time it takes to train your shippers.
  • Move decision making from your shipper to your software.
  • Use our KPIs to gain new insight into your shipping process and make important staffing decisions.

Improve position during carrier negotiations

  • Get a better understanding of your shipping P&L.
  • Reduce carrier hidden costs.
  • Strategically direct packages to carriers during negotiations, while mitigating cost increases.

Flexible Options

VALGISTICS CLOUD SHIPPING easily adapts to your company whether your team ships manually or you are fully automated.



  • User Assisted Shipping.
  • Runs on any computer with a web browser.

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  • Seamless integration into your environment.
  • One API call for automated rate shopping and label generation.

Seamless Integration

The best shipping rates. Every time.
We show you the rates of all major carriers to ensure you're getting the best rate on every shipment

Our VALGISTICS team has decades of experience in the shipping, supplies, and logistics business. Helping your company save money from carriers, suppliers, and increased efficiencies is in our DNA. Our cutting-edge technology will save you money and give you back time every day to do what you do best: Grow your business!

Greg Fox, CEO

Your fulfillment expenses don't have to be a frustrating fixed cost on your P&L. We'll lower your overhead considerably and move your newly found savings where it belongs- straight to the bottom line.

Greg Fox, CEO
17 years experience
Brad Coleman, CTO

Why waste time with complex training programs and inefficient workflows? We'll cut thousands of hours annually out of your fulfillment process, and implement software that your shippers will master in under 10 minutes.

Brad Coleman, CTO
15 years experience
Financial Manager, Financial Manager

We'll take an in-depth look at all of your shipping expenses to find where we can save you the most.